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10 Ways To Use Packing Crates as Low-Budget, Rustic Furniture

Updated: Feb 29

You've probably seen them hundreds of times but hardly given them a second look. If you're artistically inclined, you've given them a thought and considered their potential.

But in this post, I'm going to show you how you can use basically any kind of packing or fruit crate into a smart, practically free storage solution or even as a furniture alternative. And yes, it has its own rustic, rugged charm and the ultra satisfied feeling of having done it yourself.

Kinds of crates and where to get them

1) The shelf-like ones that are used for packing glass and other construction material. You can get them at newly constructed or nearing-completion construction sites.

2) Fruit crates: These are the most common variety. They can be narrow and deep or basket like and are usually available for free for a small amount (Rs. 50-100) at large fruit vendors and produce markets. Or just keep an eye out at your local dumpyard! (Yup, i've actually picked up a couple at a dump yard near my place.)

3) The large frames: Are rare to spot but you can buy them at scrap furniture stores.

Where to get

Here's 5 ways I've used these crates for various solutions in my place.

1) As a storage rack for cups and smaller items to fit behind the door

2) As an entertainment unit and bookshelf in a bachelor pad

3) As a work table for a floor-seating set-up

4) As a side table for the bed

5) As a mattress-frame

6) As a low dog fence.

7) As a master-planter for odd-sized pots and planters

8) As a holster for brooms and mops

9) As a cover-up for unsightly items on visible lofts


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