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Best Place For A Photo Shoot In Bangalore And Around (50+)

Updated: Mar 11

With the boom in Instagram, rise of cheap professional cameras, ever better camera phones, and a lockdown, photography has been a growing hobby and a respectable and legit profession of late.

Photographers, models and influencers alike are always on the hunt for great spots to take that selfie, portrait shot or just to capture some beautiful scenery. So the next time you're out or need a fresh set of photos without having to travel, wondering where to station your camera at to get those Insta-worthy photos in Bangalore, here's a handy list to bookmark.

Nature Spots for photography in the outskirts of Bangalore

1. Hesaraghatta Lake

This lake was a frequent mention in the discussion with many describing it as an idyllic spot for a ride, birding, and of course taking some stunning photos of the flora and fauna that abounds the lake. The lake is lined with rocks, red earth, and even has a tiny lighthouse giving it a quaint charm.

2. Avalabetta

If dramatic rock formations, a challenging trek, and an emerald pool ensconced within a boulder sounds exciting, then Avalabetta is an amazing spot for photography, but also for a trek, camping and some stunning views.

3. Chota Ladakh

Curious name aside, Chota Ladakh is named so because like its bigger counterpart, the emerald-like lake is flanked by straight white rock formations, making for quite a view.

4. Omkar hills, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar

The little known Omkareshwar or Omkar hills are home to two temples- Matsya Narayana Temple and Dwadasha Jyotirlinga Temple. A clock tower on Omkar Hills is the second largest in the world, according to an article in The Hindu.

4. Gurumandir, Mandargiri

A recent favourite with the day trippers in Bangalore is the Gurumandir at Mandaragiri or Basadi Betta. It's a unique piece of Jain architecture with a colourful peacock feather shaped 81 feet tall Gurumandir. There's a tall statue of Chandranath Thirthankara past it and then a trek through well carved 435 steps will lead you to the top of hillock which houses four ancient jain temples dating from 12th - 14th century.

Not only if a stunning photo spot, it is a must visit place for someone who is interested in history/modern architecture/trekking.

Best Monuments / Temples for photoshoots in Bangalore

1. Bhoga Nandeeshwar Temple

At the base of the famous Nandi Hills is the Bhoga Nandeeshwar Temple, a temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, and dating back to the 9th century. (Which makes it over 1200 years old!)

According to Wikipedia, "the temple is a typical 9th-10th century Nolamba construction with pilasters on the outer walls of the shrines, perforated decorative stone windows which contain figures, of a dancing Shiva (south wall of the Arunachaleshwara shrine) and Durga standing on a buffalo head (north wall of Bhoga Nandeshwara shrine)." -- this means one thing -- stunning photos for a pre-wedding or ethnic wear shoot.

2. Meenakshi Temple

Inspired by and made as a replica of main Meenakshi temple in Amman, Tamil Nadu, the Meenakshi temple on Bannerghatta road is a quintessential south Indian temple with bright building studded with idols of gods and goddesses. Inside, it has an old stone structure, and the courtyard makes for a great spot for a traditional photo shoot.

3. Bangalore Palace

A grand relic of the Mysore King- British rule in Bangalore, the Bangalore palace was constructed in 1873, by the British guardians of the then-minor Mysore king Maharaja Chamarajendra Wadiyar 10. The castle style fortified towers, battlements and turrets and that lush cover of green foliage on the building's outer walls are sure to add a touch of European flavour to a photo shoot without ever leaving the city.

4. Vidhana Soudha

Almost no imagery associated with Bangalore doesn't have the iconic Vidhana Soudha featured on it. The grand structure rests majestically in the Cubbon Park area, forming a perfect backdrop to this critical administrative hotbed of Bangalore. Commissioned by Kengal Hanumanthaiah, Bangalore's second Chief Minister, the building was constructed in a mix of Dravidian, Rajasthani and European architectural styles, as an answer to the colonial buildings surrounding it.

Best cafes for photo shoots in Bangalore

Yes, nature spots and historic monuments are great, but let's not forget the urbanscapes like buildings and cafes who with their contemporary or quirky decor make for some great photo shoots.

1. DYU art cafe, Koramangala

A Kerala-styled house turned cafe, the DYU art cafe in a tranquil 7th block Koramangla is both aesthetic pinnacle and a comfort zone. Catch many a tete-a-tetes at this cosy cafe surrounded by greenery while you savour a chocolate pancake or a salad. Just outside the DYU art cafe is a 100 meter stretch of graffiti walls which too make for some great photo shoots.

2. Rogue Elephant Cafe

Another charming villa turned cafe, the Rogue Elephant Cafe in Basavangudi with its colorful walls, doors, and other curios, is great for a day time shoot.

3. Lantern Restaurant, Ritz Carlton Hotel

The Chinese cuisine Lantern restaurant at the Ritz Carlton moves away from the boho to the fine dining kitsch with its neon bottles and bright linen.

4. Green Theory Cafe

Another mansion turned into a cafe, the Green Theory Cafe offers a plenty of open space and greenery to get some nice photos done during the day. (The Green Theory is one of Bangalore’s very few 100% vegetarian world cuisine restaurants and cafes, serving a vast spread of delicious and organic food.)

5. Bricklane Grill, Indiranagar

Not only if this cafe gorgeous in its all-white glory, but it also has one of the most interesting restrooms with a number of small alcoves hosting candles!

Best city locations for photo shoots in Bangalore

Here's some bonus locations where you can get some slick cityscapes shot.

1. World trade Centre

For a 50+ floor building, with its reflection in a pond in its front, in the background, the World Trade Centre building (that is office to Amazon Bangalore) in a Malleshwaram is a must.

2. Innovative film city

If dramatic, if slightly tacky recreations of European and other international landmarks and monuments is the vibe you're doing for, the Innovative Film City on Mysore road makes for a great day outing as well as great photo shoot opportunity.

3. Blossoms Book Store, Church Street

For an interesting recreation of your bookwormy nerdy self, a photoshoot (owners permitting) would be an interesting idea. Do make sure to check out some books and buy some though! Here's one of my recent friends Nandini showing how it's done. (Her Insta is also a goldmine for Bangalore photo shot ideas!)

4. UB City, Lavelle road

If you're trying to recreate a New York or another international-isque big bad metropolis in the sleepy Bangalore, there's no way you can ignore the UB city buildings --arguably the only skyscrapers of their quality and style in the city. Getting a shot with the whole building or the famous Empire State building-like arch may be tricky, but shhh, here's a hint. Go to the Vishveshwar Museum to get the arch in the background, or just pose right across the road to get the lower part of the building dominating your background.

5. Mango Mist resort

A resort with expansive stretches of grasslands, a pond, some rustic wooden benches and a lot of open space, Mango Mist is not only a great resort for a weekend or a day outing in Bangalore, but a great spot for an elaborate photo shoot.

P.s: Mango Mist is a pet friendly resort!

6. Small World Hostel, Koramangala

For a photoshoot centred around coworking spaces, digital nomads or travel, the charming Small World Hostel in Koramangala is a great option. Saurav Arya, the owner, will allow you do a photo shoot for free, and even add in a conversation or two about all things travel. It also comes with a tripod and selfie lights.

Have you shot at any of these locations? Tell me with a link to your photo in the comments! About the author: I (Monica) am a lifelong traveler, (40 countries), sustainability and veganism advocate, and a marketer by profession.

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