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DIY: How To Turn Old TicTac Boxes Into Fridge Magnets

Updated: Feb 29

Amongst all the DIY crafts I’ve done, I’m most proud of this one. Not only because of its ingenuity, but because how simple it was to do, and how useful it is, given that most other crafts I’ve done are largely for cosmetic reasons. The Tic Tac box is an amazingly useful design. It’s flat, and has a cap that allows for a larger mouth to refill and a smaller one to dispense, making it a perfect storage option.

So, let’s get down right to the simple steps.

1. Source empty Tic Tac boxes

Get as many empty Tic Tac boxes you can find. Luckily for me, my niece goes past one every week, so I have a running supply of those.

2. Get rid of the sticker on them

Use a knife if it doesn’t come off easily. Then using a dishes scrubber, scrape off the remaining bits of paper and glue.

3. Stick a label

Now that you have a plain sticker-free tic-tac box you can either stick a small paper label, or like me stick on a chalkboard label which I got from Amazon for $1 for a pack of

Make it go around the box.

If you have a chalk-pen use that, otherwise any chalk would do. Label it with whatever you want to keep in the box. In my case it’s spices, nails and random accessories.

Stick the magnet

Now the fun part, using fewiQwik or any other super glue, stick on a piece of magnet or use a magnetic tape ($5 from Amazon) and stick a long strip on the back of the Tic Tac box.

Fill your Tic-tac with whatever. Stick it on the Fridge.

Use it whenever you want a handy supply of whatever’s in the case! Particularly useful when you wanna sprinkle some quick salt or seasoning into your food at the dining table, but too lazy to go all the way to the spice cupboard to get some out!


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