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I Rented A Tiny 300SqFt Rooftop House And Did A Complete Makeover

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Coming with constraints like I do -- unmarried couple, dogs, you don't quite attract houses like moths to flame. Coupled with requirements like must have a terrace, should be in a good area, and close to all the action doesn't help much. So after months of a house hunt, when the next thing that ticked all of these boxes, and for once the landlord didn't shoo me away like expired milk, I knew I was going to lap it up. (the house, not the milk) challenging as it was.

The pros

- Had a terrace

- 2 Bedrooms on a terrace

- Potential for a garden

- Allowed dogs

- Nice neighbours that liked dogs

- Landlord didn't stay in the house

- Koramangla (or there about)

- Cheap!

The cons

- Tiny "living room"

- No separation between the bedroom and the kitchen

- Weird approach

- Not the best part of Koramangla

I knew I could fix the first two, and the 3rd a bit, even if I couldn't help with the last. So the project that started even before I moved into the house, and took months to complete, and continues to this day, looked like this.

The first set of pictures is what I inherited.

This is what the house looks like now

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