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Why I Have Become A Home Blogger

Updated: Feb 29

Today I step foot into a new but exciting territory of home blogging! Now I'm no stranger to blogging. I started my first blog almost 10 years ago to document my first ever Goa trip. That blog, a, of course is defunct now, and since then I went on to create multiple personal, travel blogs and a business media website called But doing something around home decor has been a dream I'd been procrastinating about for the longest time.

From ever since I can remember, I've loved organizing and decorating homes. Mine or anyone's else. Even as a kid I remember using my childish toys and random junk I would pick up from the road and bringing it and placing it all over the house, much to the amusement of my parents.

As I grew older, while other girls around me worked on themselves and makeup, I would buy things for the house. (And that remains true to this day!)

Sadly though, as long as I lived with my family, I never had much of a say when it came to how our house was done up. My dad was the mastermind behind home decor, and me merely an opinion-giver, and dissenter at times. At best, I could arrange my room the way I wanted.

Though at 21, my first opportunity to have my own space and do it up the way I wanted came when I flew the nest, if you will, and moved away to Hyderabad to start my first job at Google.

I had a tiny room in a 2BHK apartment that I shared with a girl. I didn't make a lot of money back then, and resources for decor were limited, but not my enthusiasm. I would spend all my initial days buying stuff for the room and coming back home after work and getting on it. My first room was a 50 sqft unimpressive dwelling but for the first time in my life, it was my own.

Even in that minuscule space, I did try to bring in a sort of theme and structure and tried to do the best I could do with the space.

Since then I've moved several houses, and each time I have, it's given me the opportunity to explore my creativity with home decor, but most importantly my sense of hustle with small spaces. I realised I worked the best in turning around sad little dilapidated spaces noone else would touch with a bargepole. My biggest highs come from seeing a hopeless place turn into a haven of possibility like the penthouse in Hyderabad that turned from a dingy dump into a bright and boho haven. All the houses I've lived in in the recent years, including my current, have been trash-to-treasure projects. And that is precisely why I decided to start blogging about it.

There's enough and more media coverage given to fashion, travel, food, but very little to something that we spend most of our sleeping hours in, and something that defines us and goes on to become the nest that nurtures us.

So gather around, and follow me on this journey where I'll share tips, hacks, and sneak peeks into where I live, how I live and how I do it the way I do. I'll also have home makeovers on a budget, some of my travel stories, sustainability and of course home improvement ideas.

If you're someone with a home, you'll like being on here, a lot.


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 I (Monica) am a lifelong traveler, (40 countries), sustainability and veganism advocate, and a marketer by profession. I'm old school in that I still like to blog and document rather than shoot and post.

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