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Why Solar Lights Are The Best Investment You'll Make In Your Home

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

What’s not to love about perfect bright and sunny days. Your floral best come out, shorts get a new lease of life, it's time for some sun-dried tomatoes, and of course the overdue trip to the beach can now be a possibility.

But what makes the sun also great is, apart from lighting up your days, it can now light up your nights too.

Solar fairy lights are an innovation that combine some nifty science and use it to implement on a product we all use and adore - the household fairy lights. Be it for throwing a bunch on the trees in your garden or giving a fancy club-like setting to a dinner table or just pretty much adding shine to anywhere in the house, fairy lights are a handy bunch to have.

But what with rising electricity costs in the cities, and environmental concerns, decorating with electric or battery powered lights often takes a backseat. This is where the solar powered fairy lights step in. They use up the biggest free energy generator there is - the sun, to power up your decor dreams. While the sun shines on and you go about your daily business, the solar receiver charges on and after just a few hours of sun exposure, the lights are ready to go on duty at night.

With a full charge the lights can last up to 6 hours. That’s a whole evening of dinner, partying, entertaining and guests, while the beautiful lights lend to the ambience with their subtle glow.

Here's a video of my terrace at just past sunset when my 100-LED Solar LED lights came to life.

That’s a huge perk considering that solar fairy lights involve only a one time cost of purchase, and every use after that is completely free.

So, stock up on your string of these LED Solar-powered lights, because green energy that can brighten up your home, bar, garden and offices is the way to go.


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