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Why The Bathroom Should Be Your First Priority When It Comes To Home Improvement And Decor

Updated: May 24

Once a living room, a bedroom and the kitchen walked into the bar. The poor bathroom stayed behind at home, wallowing in its own wetness and stink.

No honestly, if bathrooms were a family member they’d be the oft-ignored, least favourite member that always got the pizza crust.

People drop thousands of dollars on great sofas, a swanky TV unit, modular kitchens and the most comfortable mattress money could buy. And what does the bathroom get? Colourful mould-ridden buckets, taps and faucets with years of crummy build-up, an ugly toilet cleaner brush sticking out conspicuously next to the commode, and horror - a cornucopia of random toiletries and cosmetics lying about just about everywhere. This is not to mention a dirty or swampy floor and a toilet bowl that basically gives away what you had for dinner. Eww!

Bathrooms deserve better. They’re your safe space from the world to hide. They’re the perfect lounge for when you want to watch that video uninterrupted. They’re where you turn from a filthy slob into a charming prince. (Ok I exaggerate. Let’s say a presentable civilized human being.)

In fact chances are every guest in your house will use the bathroom at some point of their visit.

Can you afford to showcase to the world a pretty and tidy home while your bathroom gives the real you away? The you that doesn’t care much for hygiene, organization, aesthetics or safety!

No, then get cracking on that bathroom ASAP.

Go scrub those floors. Soak the taps and shower heads into vinegar overnight and clean them out. Here’s some useful bathroom cleaning tips.

For god’s sake do not have a generic plastic bucket, mug, tub, broom and a toilet brush in 500 different colors that screams a children’s nursery more than an adult’s bathroom. Have a theme and stick to it.

Introduce greenery in a place that usually is a gloomy, wet bunker. Aloe Vera and money plants can pretty much be counted upon as best loo plants.

Have fragrance control: Bathrooms are infamous for having nasty smells wafting around in the air for sometime after the deed has been done. Introduce fragrance bags and odour control. All it takes is a bag of odonil air freshener or if you’re feeling fancy, some reed diffuser to diffuse that stick.

Loo and behold! You now have a beautiful, non-sticky, organized and clean bathroom that you’ll be proud to do your business in.

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